Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Canvases III: The Brats are Back Again!

December marked the 3rd year of Baby Canvases Art Show at the Soundry in Vienna, VA. This is my second year participating, and i was excited to see the new space the soundry has for viewing. All the paintings are 2" x 3" in size and all were marked for sale. So far some are sold and others are not, I will keep updated on which will be available after the viewings are over.

The turnout was amazing! I loved the crowd of people cooing over little artworks scattered all over. There were so many different art styles that there was something there for everyone to like. I purchased a few pieces by other artists because I couldn't resist!

You can visit The Soundry here:
The Soundry

You can see the individual paintings at my dA page here:
Individual Paintings

Here are some photos I took while I was at the show:

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