Friday, October 19, 2012

fritchie's Busting Out!

That's right: it's time! Time for me to make my mark on the world. In the time since I have graduated from the Art Institute of Washington, I have participated in a couple art shows but have been mainly working my job as a Visual Designer at K12. I was fortunate to cross paths with K12 at my portfolio show, and have been working with them ever since. I have been blessed with the opportunity to showcase my different skills. I've illustrated online kids books and create interactive learning assets for students in elementary, middle, and high school. I have started to learn code here and there, and to top it off I am the lead designer for the generation 2 Algebra course and the only designer working on the Algebra game.

As the lead designer, I get to create assets, animate short videos/cartoons, and design everything associated with the game. I made decisions about the visual styles and experimented with new ideas to incorporate into the course. I re-skinned an old review game for the new course and worked with two other designers to implement new templates for production. 

Even with all the work at K12, I have been slowly but surely getting myself ready for big things. Piece by piece I have been collecting all I want and need for my art studio. With being in a new house, my studio is currently in boxes. When my drop canvases come in next week, they will be the final piece of the puzzle and all I will have to do it put it all together! I want the drop canvases on the floor and one wall, so its hard to get my desk and shelves where I want them until the drop canvases get here. I have taken a "before" photo of the studio, I will also take an "after" shot to show the difference. 

I have also been working on a book cover for Gloria Alden's "The Blue Rose". Its a murder mystery, and the first of a series. The cover is almost complete, and I will be able to show that off soon.

I'm not done yet! I have been contacted by quite a few people in various parts of Europe for gallery work and shows. So far, I have had to temporarily decline- until I get my studio set up and I am able to create new works, I dont want to show. At the moment, I only have older paintings available and I feel that would be an out-dated representation of who I am as an artist. They're still my style, and of course they are still mine...but I will be even happier when its all new work that will be shown in a gallery. I will keep updated.

Still not done! I've started working with the owner/president of Resolution Tee. I am a designer on board for their Nov 1st public opening! Designs and paintings by me will be available for sale through Resolution Tee. For the opening, there will be between 5-10 designs available. More designs will get released with time, and new designs will be added as well! This is my first step into merchandise, and I am very excited to keep it going and expand. Resolution Tee on Facebook

Last bit of news, I will now be online very often. I am working on getting my art dresses (which I am going to be using in photo shoots of myself and my art) and a professional photo shoot planned. I am still on the search for a digital video editor, someone who wants to film me painting and doing different things then cut and edit it together (contact me if you know anyone interested!)

I will be updating the public with news, pics, paintings, and interesting art world finds. Please let your friends know about me! I always look forward to meeting new people so if you ever see me around, dont be shy!

Love to all!

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